How can I bond someone out of jail?

Your options for bond include:

  1. Come to the jail with cash or credit card and use the kiosk.
    • There is a $2 fee for any cash amount that is put in the kiosk.
    • If you are using a credit card to put money in someone’s account or posting bond, there is a 10% fee of the total amount; minimum charge of $2.50.
  2. If during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, bond can be posted at the Green County Justice Center located at 2841 6th Street in Monroe.
  3. If the prisoner was charged with a crime or misdemeanor by the Monroe Police Department and brought to the Green County Jail to be held for bond, the bail for that prisoner may have to be posted at the Monroe Police Department, located at 1811 12th Street in Monroe; contact the Monroe Police Department by calling 608-329-2400 to learn more.
    • If the person is being held on other county police department charges, you may contact that municipality to post the bond.
  4. You may use the Jail ATM website for bond purposes.

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