Green County Ad Hoc Committee

Final Report from ARPA Ad-Hoc Committee

At the end of May of 2022. the ARPA Ad-Hoc Committee finalized their report and recommendations to the Green County Finance and Accounting Committee. 

Proposals for Use of ARPA Funds

Creation of ARPA Ad-Hoc Committee

In November of 2021, the Green County Finance and Accounting Committee acted to create an Ad-Hoc Committee to create a participatory way for community members to submit ideas. The Ad Hoc Committee will review ideas and develop proposals for consideration by the County Finance Committee to review before final recommendations are made to the Green County Board. 

The Ad-Hoc Committee:

  • Advising role only.
  • Fact finding and information gathering about countywide needs or benefits in the use of ARPA funding.
  • Organize needs and benefits into categories by priority.
  • Suggest possible actions, methods, and approaches. 
  • Determine matrix of determination and percentages.
  • Work within the County government structure. 
  • Recommendations should benefit people countywide. 

Community Involvement 

The committee is seeking input from groups and organizations within the county. For this reason, it has created a presentation application process to invite community leaders to share the issues, opportunities, and priorities they see in Green County. This invitation is solely for the purpose of fact finding and information gathering by the committee and is not a grant application.  Presentation proposals are due to the County Clerk’s Office by March 28, 2022. The committee will review the proposals at its March 31, 2022 meeting and invite selected applicants to present to the committee in the month of April.

Proposal for Use of ARPA Funds

Ad Hoc Committee Structure

Voting Members (9 members)

  • Jerry Guth, ARPA Ad Hoc Committee Chair and Chairperson of the Green County Finance and Auditing Committee  
  • Casey Jones, ARPA Ad Hoc Committee Vice Chair, Green County Resident
  • Bekah Stauffacher, Green County Resident
  • Bill Oemichen, Green County Resident 
  • Corrine Hendrickson, Green County Resident
  • Mark Mayer, Green County Resident
  • Matt Sheaffer, Green County Resident
  • Megan Leonard, Green County Resident 
  • Roald Henderson, Green County Resident 

Non-Voting Advisory Members 

  • Andrea Sweeney, Green County Finance
  • Arianna Voegeli, Green County Clerk 
  • Nikki Austin, Green County Development Corporation 

 Member Expectations

It is anticipated that the group will meet once or twice a month from February through June 2022 with some work to be completed outside of meetings. Members will receive mileage reimbursement when applicable.