Health Education

What is health education?

Knowledge of health topics allows community members to make informed decisions about their personal health, and empowers our community to act on health issues facing Green County. Our department facilitates health education through social media, our website, events, workgroups, presentations and other formats. Our department focuses on providing education on the following public health topics:
- Environmental health
- Maternal-child health
- Substance misuse
- Mental health
- Physical well-being
- Safety and emergency preparedness
- Infectious disease

Health Education Services from Green County Public Health

Green County Public Health offers health education services to the community on a variety of topics. Our department has worked with local businesses, schools, volunteer organizations and others to expand knowledge of health topics.

If you organization is intersted in health education services from our department please contact us at (608) 328-9390 or 

Health Education Resources

Check out the websites below to find resources on several health topics: