Kinship Care

Kinship Care is a program to help support a child who lives outside of his or her home with the relative.   The child may be living temporarily or for the long term with a relative such as:

  • An adult brother or sister
  • A first cousin
  • A nephew or niece
  • An uncle or aunt or a grandparent
  • Others by blood or marriage (see Ch. DCF 58.03(18) Administrative code for the definition of Relative)

With this support, placing a child in a foster home or another out-of-home care setting may be avoided. For children in the child welfare system who cannot continue living at home with his or her parents, Kinship Care may be another placement option.

Additional Information:

o A link to the kinship navigator page through DCF:

o If you are caring for a family member and meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for a kinship care payment.

 Contact Katlyn at 608-328-9337 to ask questions or request an application