Winter Information

Pushing snow across Highways

Please be aware that PUSHING SNOW OR OTHER MATERIALS ONTO OR ACROSS HIGHWAYS IS ILLEGAL.  Performing these activities can cause accidents and injury, and is prohibited by Wisconsin State Law Statutes 86.01, 86.07(2), 346.94(5) and 941.01

Doing so may create potential safety concerns for the traveling public and may impede the snow and ice removal process.  Snow shall not be stored in any manner, which will obstruct or limit vehicular or pedestrian vision, movement or access.

Mailbox Policy

This policy is to address mailbox installation within the Green County Highway right-of-way and any damage claim by the Owner of the mailbox as a result of Highway Department Operations.

The Green County Highway Department will not repair or replace mailboxes damaged on the County Truck Highway System unless it has been determined, by the Highway Department, that physical damage was caused by actual contact with the County Equipment and that the existing installation was stable and post were in good condition prior to the damage.  The mailbox and post installed should be able to withstand the force of flying snow and slush from traffic and snow operations.

Any claim of damage from Highway Department operations will be investigated by Highway Department personnel.  

If a mailbox is hit and damaged by Highway Department equipment and cannot be fixed, replacement of mailbox shall be limited to furnishing and delivering a minimum standard U.S. Post Office approved mailbox and standard 4”x4” treated wood post. Special decorative mailboxes and/or posts will not be provided and may not be acceptable by the Postal Service.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Additional winter maintenance information can be found following the below link to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) website:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation Winter maintenance frequently asked questions (