Land Records System - Ascent Software

Green County is updating the web portal for the Land Records System to the Ascent program. It is highly recommended that this portal be accessed using Internet Explorer Version 9 or Internet Explorer Version 10 or Google Chrome Version 30 web browser. Certain features and functions may not perform correctly in previous or later versions of Internet Explorer or other web browsers, and, although these browsers may be used, their behavior or support will not be guaranteed. Also, in many cases it will also be necessary for the device, computer, or laptop, from which the portal is being accessed, have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on it. This is so that documents that are made available through the portal as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file can be viewed. 

For example, in order to view and print a property tax bill from the portal, the user will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information please view Browser Help for Land Records System (Ascent) which is a part of the help document available once you are in the Ascent program.