Mission & Vision

Mission / Vision Statement

The Green County Sheriff's Office mission is to protect Green County through partnership and professional service; implementing the values of integrity, honor, courage and respect for people. Our vision is to be a safe community for our citizens and visitors.


We will be unimpaired in our duty to follow our standards and values. Integrity does not stand by itself, it supports our other values of courage, honor, and respect.


We have the confidence and resolution to serve and protect our community. Courage is our tool of control, allowing us to risk ourselves to protect others.


We honor our role in the community and vow never to abuse our powers. Honor means nobility of mind and a distinction of respect. Our honor allows us to maintain a high level of moral character.


We will be considerate to the wishes, opinions and decisions of those whom we serve and those who we work with. To respect means to appreciate, consider and value. These are the objects that guide every value we follow.