Special Units

  1. Canine & Handler
  2. Chaplains
  3. Honor Guard
  4. School Liaison
  5. Special Response Team
  6. State Line Area Narcotics Team

Canine & Handler

Pictured is Sergeant Zack Degner with German Shepherd "Ali".

Ali is a dual-purpose patrol and narcotics dog, trained in tracking, handler protection, building searches and searching for evidence. Ali was purchased by the County in 2020 after another German Shepherd, Ike, retired in 2020. Lieutenant Cody Kanable served as Ike’s handler from 2012 to 2020. 

Sgt Degner and Ali
Pictured below is Deputy Cody Kanable with Previous German Shepherd "Ike".

Deputy Cody Kanable and German Shepherd canine officer Ike